TREKKING - 6 days

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A - Sofia city        C - Malyovitsa peak   E - Vihren peak                       G - Sofia city

B - Cherni vrah    D - Musala peak        F - Dobrinishte resort village






Bulgarian Adventure Tourism show you a few of the Bulgarian mountains, including the most popular ones and the highest one in the country.


* Destination: The Mountains that you will see in this program are: Rila, Pirin, Vitosha and Rodopi.


* Summits and altitude: You will visit the highest peaks of those mountains and some others. Names of the peaks: Musala-2925 m, Vihren-2914 m, Malyovitsa-2729 m, Cherni Vrah-2290 m. Summary of the ascending and descending denivelation for the whole week roughly is: 7000 meters.


* Tour Duration: This trek will last seven days. Every day we start the trek at 8:00 AM after Breakfast, which is in 7:30 AM.


- Day 1: Driving to the hotel in “Vitosha” mountain. Dinner, sleep in hotel "Boeritsa".






- Day 2: Breakfast, climbing “Cherni Vrah” summit 2290m., returning to the hotel, driving from hotel "Boeritsa" to Central Mountaineering School (CMS) in "Rila" mountain. Having a short walk from CMS to lodge "Malyovitsa", dinner, sleep in lodge.






- Day 3: Breakfast, climbing “Malyovitsa” summit 2729m., descending to CMS, Traveling from CMS to "Borovets" town. Ascending with the lift to the “Yastrebets” summit, Having a small walk to “Musala” lodge, dinner, sleep in lodge.






- Day 4: Breakfast, climbing “Musala” summit 2925m, descending with the lift to “Borovets” town, driving to lodge “Vihren” in “Pirin” mountain, dinner, sleep in lodge






- Day 5: Breakfast, climbing “Vihren” summit 2914m, descending to Bansko town. Driving to "Dobrinishte" town. Having dinner and sleeping in the resort village.






- Day 6: Breakfast, resting, walking around the village, driving to Sofia.






* Sleeping arrangements: In several lodges across the mountains. The lodges are: “Boeritsa” or “Planinarska Pesen”, “Malyovitsa”, “Musala” or “Zaslon Everest”, “Vihren”, “Popini Lucky”. On some occasions the lodges might be occupied and we must change the sleeping arrangements.


* Logistics: Traveling from city to city in the country will be accomplished by a car or a small bus depending on the size of the group.


* Every single participant must provide:

- Legit health insurance.

- Personal data for the mountain rescue form.


* Every single participant: pays for his transport fees, as we don’t provide your flight or travel from your country to and from Bulgaria, back to your country..


* We provide: We will supply you with mountain rescue insurance, and the sleeping arrangements. If anybody has some specific requirements for the food, we must know in advance, because after all it is a hut and the food in the huts is not like in the restaurants.


* Equipment: If you want to take part in this trek you must have the following equipment: mountaineering boots, backpack, spare clothing, anti-rain clothes, sun protection, sun glasses, sleeping bag, trekking poles, personal first aid kit and mosquito protection.


* Food: The meals are not included in the final price. If you wish to have food, we could add it for 20 euro per day. Meals include breakfast and dinner. Lunches are not included.








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