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Bulgarian Adventure Tourism can offer you an adventure in the Bulgarian Alps that you will never forget and would like to come again and have the same great experience as you had before. If you want to go Hiking in the high mountain or just visiting some nice places on your short vacation, our services is what you need.

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“Dyavolskoto Garlo” cave is in the beginning of different legends from Thracian times. One which says that, this is the place where Orpheus is lowering down to the underworld kingdom of Hades, to save his beloved one – Eureka.


Bulgarian Adventure Tourism is a young company that is fast growing with a team that has great experience. The company is looking forward to show the great places that the Bulgarian nature has to offer also our traditions in food and customs. As you know Bulgaria is popular with the original recipe for yoghurt that is well known in Asia and Bulgarian rose oil which is the main supplier for the biggest perfume companies in France. The highest peak on the Balkans (Musala Peak) is on Bulgarian territory. Our country has many healthcare resorts with mineral water springs.Our team consists of members who have experience in almost two decades in the Alpine tourism industry as well as with coaching children and adults to climb rock and ice. The company conducts annually teambuilding, novice climbing courses for alpine climbing, advanced climbing courses, winter climbing courses, alpine camps and much more holiday trips for individual, families and small groups as well as we have special package trips for students groups and larger parties such as travel agents, corporate holiday tour and so on. We have all kinds of partners working in various trekking and travel agencies /companies as trekking porters, climbing coach guides, leaders and managers. Our greatest genuine aim is to provide adventure courses and relaxation vacations for travelers in Bulgaria promoting sustainable eco-mountain tourism by respecting its unique cultural diversity and ecological environment. Even in competition market, the company’s mission is to set up a positive example for all Bulgarian trekking and travel agencies to maintain an economically competitive as well sustainable business practices, thereby aiming to provide excellent services to all the valuable guests and creating employment opportunities to the local people. Our travel packages are carefully planned to suite your holiday schedules together supply you with all the necessary information for your safety and comfort, rewarding you with memorable holidays, dedicated in providing excellent and personalize services in the respective field and we always target within our goals to fulfill your dreams. We offer hiking, peak climbing, rock and ice climbing, trekking, mountaineering, teambuilding, relaxation vacations, cultural tourism, sightseeing tours, eco treks, Village treks. We will even provide you with the option to customize your own tour by your needs and add in it whatever you would like.





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There are archeological discoveries from seven periods that were made in “Devetashkata Peshtera” cave. In our days the cave is a sanctuary for many animal species, a big part of which is protected and are in the red book.






Come for a week, two weeks, or just a few days - Bulgarian Adventure Tourism offers tours to cater for all. See our tours for details.

Want something different? Contact us to discus your needs and arrange suitable package.

* All tours might suffer changes depending on weather and season conditions.

* Prices and Billing will be negotiable and might depending on the current season. All payments are done in advance, required for hotel / lodge reservations.



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"Musala” is the highest summit on the Balkans.

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* All pictures in the gallery are taken from real places in Bulgaria that you can actually visit if you come in one of our tours with Bulgarian Adventure Tourism.

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“Rayskoto Praskalo”  is the highest waterfall on the Balkans, its height is 124.5 meters.


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